Sr No Name of the Ph. D Guide  Name of the Students Ph. D. Registration No. Ph. D. Registration Date Ph. D. Final Title of the thesis
1 Dr. Kishorsinh N. Chavda Tailor Trushang Chandrakant 946 6/25/2021 A Study Of Mediating Role Of CSFs In Post Implementation Performance Of ERP Systems In Indian Companies
2 Dadresha Mayurkumar Vinubhai 947 7/29/2021 A Study Of Integrated Reporting Practice And Its Effects On Sustainability Performance
3 Patel Archanabahen Maheshbhai 1148 12/8/2021 Management Of Liquidity & Profitability Of Selected Companies Of Agrochemical Sector Of India
4 Naik Dharit Arunbhai 910 11/28/2019 Measurement Of Service Quality In Health Care Industry : A Study Of Select Medium And Large Size Multi speciality Hospitals With Reference To Surat City
5 Pachchigar Bhavesh Ashokbhai 911 11/28/2019 Fundamental And Technical Analysis Of Listed Companies Under Selected Sectoral Indices On NSE
6 Prajapati Shobhana Rameshbhai 921 11/30/2019 A Comparative Analysis Of Service Quality Gap Through Rater Model In Selected New Private Sector Banks In Surat
8 Patel Shweta Prahladbhai 670 6/18/2018 A Study On The Evaluation Of Profitability And Dividend Policy Of The Selected Aluminium Companies In India
9 Dr. Rujuta C. Gandhi Tandel Sandhyaben Vijaybhai 809 10/21/2019 “૧૯૭૦ પછીની ગુજરાતી નવલકથામાં નિરુપાયેલ સમાજ “(રઘુવીર ચૌધરી, દિલીપ રાણપુરા અને જોસેફ મેકવાન ની પસંદગીના નવલકથા સંદર્ભે )
10 Dr. Rajeshkumar D. Rana Parmar YogeshKumar NarendraBhai 906 4/12/2022 A comparative Study Of Financial Performance Of Gujarat Vij Company
11 CA.  Kapadia Pujan Jainesh 1154 11/12/2021 A Study Of The Impact Of Loan Moratorium On The Selected Indian Banks Along with Analyzing Its Impact From Borrowers’ And Bankers’ Perspective In Gujarat
12 Jikadra Chetankumar Maganbhai 1158 11/13/2021 A Comparative Study Of Strategic Financial Management Of Municipal Corporation In Gujarat State
13 Gamit Rakeshkumar Sanjibhai 907 11/28/2019 A Comparative Study Of Financial Performance And Rate Variations In Selected Sugar Factories
14 Trivedi Bindu Jitendrakumar 922 11/30/2019 Bus Rapid Transit Services – Customer Perception And Satisfaction :  A Comparative Study Of Ahmadabad And Surat City Of Gujarat
15 Jadav Sunilbhai Motibhai 904 11/28/2019 Investment Behaviour And Pattern Of Tribal Working Women ( With Special Reference To Of Valsad District)
16 Dr. Balvantbhai N. Dhimmar Vasava Amitbhai Gurjibhai 655 6/12/2018 ” Availability & Awareness Of E – Banking Services – A Study Of Surat District “
18 Makvana Rajshree Dilipbhai 667 6/15/2018 An Analytical Study Of Consumer Satisfaction And Trust From Utilisation Of Mobile Commerce In Surat City.
19 Patel Nirdoshkumar Jitendrabhai 668 6/18/2018 A Study On Financial Statements Of Selected Fertilizer Companies In India
20 Dr. Seajl A. Desai Sutariya Rutulkumar Trikambhai 1149 11/2/2021 A Statistical Analysis Of Socio-Economic Profile Of Migrant Construction Workers In Surat City.
21 Rajput Krunalkumar Pravinbhai 901 12/5/2019 “Impact Of Online Service Facilities On General Retail Business In Surat City”
22 Patel Rohan Shashikantbhai 903 11/28/2019 “Customer Loyalty In Banking Sector Based On Quality Aspects – A Study Of Surat City
23 Shah Monika Pankajkumar 500 6/19/2018 Non parametric Tests For Statistical Quality Control When Location Parameter Of Process Is Fixed
24 Shah Banti Kiritkumar 676 6/20/2018 Demographic Study Of Gender Ratio In India
25 Dr. Mehul B. Shah Brahmbhatt Karankumar Ghanshyambhai 1155 11/13/2021 Analysis Of Financial Performance Of Automobile Industry With Special  Reference To Electrical Vehicles In India- A Case Study Of Key Players”
26 Patel Mayurkumar Manilalbhai 1156 11/13/2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Practices In India: A  Study Of Selected Cement Companies.
27 Dumasiya Rajkumar Sureshbhai 1157 11/13/2021 Study Of Impact Of Recent Bank Merger On Customer Satisfaction With Reference To Gujarat State (During Time Period 2010 To 2021)
28 Desai Vandana Prakashbhai 1161 11/15/2021 Parents Buying Behaviour Towards Baby Care Products In Surat District