Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the college was formally constituted in 2008-09 for ensuring quality sustenance and quality enhancement, during the post accreditation period. The cell aims to design action plans with a view to achieving the target of total quality in every aspects and to lead the institution towards academic excellence.


The chief objective of the cell is to assist the institution in its effort to maintain quality in academic and related activities and to shape citizens who can withstand the hurdles in career building.


  • Two meetings in every semester
  • Academic calendar is prepared in the beginning of academic Year.
  • Plan of the action is prepared before commencement of Academic year.
  • Documenting Various Programmes.
  • Preparation of AQAR & Submission in time.
  • Preparation of NIRF & Submission
  • ISO Audit
  • Encourage the faculty members to pursue research in their respective field of study.
  • Feedback to be taken on all aspects from various stakeholders and analyzed. Action Taken Report is prepared from feedback analysis and send to the Local Management Committee for implementation.
  • Analysis of University exam result.
  • At the end of the year Action Taken Report (ATR) is prepared which is based on the plan of action decided upon at the beginning of the year .

List of member of IQAC:

Chairman      : Dr K.N. Chavda, Principal

Co-ordinator: Dr. S. A. Desai

Secretary   : Dr. R. N. Sadri


  • DR. R. C. Gandhi (Member)
  • Mr. B. D. Patel (Member)
  • Dr. G.N. Rana (Member)
  • Mr. K. S. Sutaria (Member)
  • DR .B .N. Dhimmar  (Member)
  • Mrs. C.U. Naik (Member)
  • Mr. J. D. Vachhani (Member)
  • Mr. Manishbhai Talior (Member)
  • Shweta prahladbhai patel (Member)
  • Dr. Gaurang Rami (External Expert)
  • Dr. Yogesh Vasiya(External Expert)
  • Mr. Ashwin R. Patel (Management Representative)
  • Mr. Ramesh K. Gamit (Head clerk)
  • Mr. Ajit R. Naik (Community Representative)
  • Mr. Aaditay Patel (Industrialist)
  • Mr. Chaitany Bhatt (Alumni student)
  • Mr. Tushar Ramani (Alumni student)
  • Gohel Bhrati V.(Student representative)