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J. Z. Shah Arts & H. P. Desai Commerce College – Amroli has been widening its horizons, expanding its wings and exploring its possibilities of new and recent innovations in every field. Amroli College today holds a recognized position in Surat as being a college which instills in the students a sense of discipline, commitment and values necessary to move up in the ladder of life. The motto is to develop students’ personality in such a way that they not only excel in studies but are also equipped with Knowledge needed to face the challenges of life and are community & society oriented. It completed twenty seven years of glorious service to society. It is the celebration of the spirit of youth that the colleges rejoice in. The diversity whether it is related to the gender, class, minority communities, students from SC/ST/OBC/PH all are catered to with an endearing amount of equality. The access of education is the right of every student of India and many schemes have been launched to promote ‘inclusiveness’ in the campus. The college is not just a platform for performance but it is also a community which promotes collaborative learning through community oriented activities.

It is a rich blend of modern technology and traditional values. The campus buzzes with co-curricular and extracurricular activities throughout the year. Excellence and Humanism, Hard skills and extracurricular activities throughout the year. Excellence and Humanism, Hard skills and soft skills, Rights and Responsibilities go hand in hand in nurturing the talent of the Amroli-ites. An attempt is made to bring girls in the mainstream. Their zest for life, enthusiasm finds a right voice in the ever widening exposure provided to them in the institute. Be it sports, cultural activities, academics, NCC & NSS the women students are allowed to give wings to their dreams and realize their potential.

It is said, “To take on tomorrow you simply have to better today.” The institute is constantly working realizing its vision. Quality management and innovation are promoted. English proficiency, vocational skills, personality development, career guidance, placement training ,social welfare, community service are all emphasized and the teaching becomes students centered with a right blend of experiential learning and interactive method with the aid of multi media room and Digital English Language Lab.

Come and join, Discover for yourself your immense potential.