Competitive exams & Career Counseling

 Career Guidance club: is established for guidance for competitive examination and career counseling. Our stakeholders recognized the acute need of competitive exams which aim to give employment in government and non-government jobs. It’s a very welcoming thought for our students to prepare themselves for such competitive exams along with their studies. The Career Guidance Club offers guidance and training like online exams by inviting experts from different institutions. The library is full of competitive exams books and exams material. Different employment newspaper and magazines are subscribed to keep them updated and aware about various opportunities. This motivates our students to prepare themselves for competitive exams. The college has a counseling body which orients the students to seek a career in which they can follow their inbuilt capability and talent. The college organizes career counseling sessions through industrial experts, career counselors who guides individual student which career would suit them most and shows them direction where they can explore and identify their areas of interest.

Soft skill development:

Our institute provides such soft skills which add value to their degree and are very much essential in the practical implication in their career but also in successful living. These soft skills help them a lot. The institute is offered Digital marketing, Digital India, Skill development Programme for Entrepreneurship Development, Value Education, Skill development for development of Soft skills in students.

Language lab:

Language laboratory specially designed for self-learning of English language through audio visual lessons. It’s a very interesting and convenient system for students to learn. Test and improve themselves in language proficiency. SCOPE (Society for Creation of Opportunity through Proficiency in English) & Digital Education & Learning Lab are the two major initiatives of Commissionerate of Higher Education, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. SCOPE is run by the institute to cater to the demands of students.

Extra lectures:

The college indentify with own parameter “slow learners”. Such students are tutored through extra lectures arranged in regular time table for better performance of students in internal and external exams. Assignments, test, Old question papers solutions and study material are provided to students.

Add-on Program:

Many of our students who come from vernacular medium find a great difficulty in coping up with English medium at U.G. and P.G. level. For such student’s bridge courses are organized which tries to meet the gap between the knowledge the posses to pursuing the program they intent to pass with honor. The bridge course through interactive session, test and advice help them to pass out with ease. SCOPE & Digital education & Learning lab are offered to improve English proficiency of students. Also IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorials are offered to students of our college.

Yoga and Meditation:

The college continues the tradition of starting academic task with a prayer to enkindle the spiritual awareness amongst the students. Yoga and meditation is done at very regular intervals. We not only celebrate international Yoga Day but it is Yoga Week meditation from different faiths is welcome to make the students experience their inner strength and wisdom.

Personal counseling :

Every class has a counselor. She/he is a mentor of that class. A very strong bond between the mentor and mentee is maintained in the college. The role of the mentor is like a parent who attains academic, social, medical, psychiatrists are invited to council on common subject’s students face. The regular feedbacks help to better counseling services to the students.