1st Term – Academic Calendar 2019-20

No. Date Day Activity
1 22/Apr/2019 Saturday Starting of Summer Vacation (as announced by the university)
2 27/May/2019 Monday Centralized admission work of F.Y.B.Com.
3 31/May/2019 Friday Starting of admission work of F.Y.B.A
4 5/Jun/2019 Wednesday World Environment Day
5 6/Jun/2019 Thursday Guest Lecture
6 15/Jun/2019 Saturday First day of Academic Year 2019-2020
7 15/Jun/2019 Saturday Opening Ceremony of NSS, Renewal of the I-Card of S.Y.B.A./S.Y.B.Com.,T.Y.B.Com. & M.Com./M.A.-II students starts
8 21/Jun/2019 Friday Campaign for driving license, Election
Voting Card & passport in the campus
9 21/Jun/2019 Friday Inter National Yoga Day
10 22/Jun/2019 Saturday F.Y.B.A. Pravesh Utsav – 2018
11 28/Jun/2019 Friday IQAC meeting
12 29/Jun/2019 Saturday F.Y.B.Com Pravesh Utsav -2018
13 29/Jun/2019 Saturday Distribution of books to the students from S.A.L
14 2/Jul/2019 Tuesday Training in Self-Defence
15 4/Jul/2019 Thursday Vivekanand Jayanti
16 5/Jul/2019 Friday Guest Lecture
17 8/Jul/2019 Monday Visit to ‘Samvedna’-School & Research Center for mentally Challenged Childrens
18 8/Jul/2019 Monday Guest Lecture
19 9/Jul/2019 Tuesday Guest Lecture
20 10/Jul/2019 Wednesday Inter class Prayer singing competition
21 10/Jul/2019 Wednesday Orientation Program of the
Study Circle (Career Guidance Club)
22 11/Jul/2019 Thursday World Population Day
23 11/Jul/2019 Thursday Eye Donation Awareness Campaign
24 12/Jul/2019 Friday Guest Lecture
25 12/Jul/2019 Friday Inter class Rangoli making competition
26 12/Jul/2019 Friday Charity Day for the Blind
27 12/Jul/2019 Friday Inter School Sanskrit Shlok Recitation Competition
28 15/Jul/2019 Monday Orientation Program  on NSS & NCC
followed by enrollment of students
29 15/Jul/2019 Monday Clean the Campus
30 16/Jul/2019 Tuesday Compulsory Thalassemia Test for First Year Students
31 16/Jul/2019 Tuesday Inter School Drawing Competition
32 16/Jul/2019 Tuesday Regular Classes of M.A./M.Com.-1 Starts
33 17/Jul/2019 Wednesday Celebration of NSS Day
34 17/Jul/2019 Wednesday Inter Class Salad Decoration Competition
35 17/Jul/2019 Wednesday Fund Raising for the Blind School
36 18/Jul/2019 Thursday Inter College Prayer Singing Competition
37 18/Jul/2019 Thursday Social Awareness Program in Collaboration
38 18/Jul/2019 Thursday Legal Awareness Program
39 19/Jul/2019 Friday Guest Lecture
40 19/Jul/2019 Friday Activity of the Grievenec Redressal Cell
41 19/Jul/2019 Friday Lecture on Traffic Awareness
42 20/Jul/2019 Saturday First Blood Donation Camp
43 20/Jul/2019 Saturday Guest Lecture
44 20/Jul/2019 Saturday Inter College Salad Decoration Competition
45 20-Jul-2019
Apollo-11 Day
46 22/Jul/2019 Monday Enrolments of Students in SCOPE-DELL
47 22/Jul/2019 Monday IQAC Meeting
48 22/Jul/2019 Monday Cleaning of Parking Area
49 22/Jul/2019 Monday Motivational Lecture
50 23/Jul/2019 Tuesday Seminar for T.Y.B.Com. Students
51 23/Jul/2019 Tuesday Legal Guidance Seminar
52 24/Jul/2019 Wednesday Orientation program for students volunteering to teach primary school children of municipal schools
53 24/Jul/2019 Wednesday Guest Lecture
54 24/Jul/2019 Wednesday Inter College Rangoli Making Competition
55 26/Jul/2019 Friday Inter class Poster making competition
56 27/Jul/2019 Saturday UPSC-GPSC Seminar
57 27/Jul/2019 Saturday Commencement of GSET Classes
58 28/Jul/2019 Sunday World Hepatitis Day
59 29/Jul/2019 Monday Inter College Poster Making Competition
60 29/Jul/2019 Monday Meeting of the Career Guidance Club
61 30/Jul/2019 Tuesday Guest Lecture
62 30/Jul/2019 Tuesday World Friendship Day
63 1/Aug/2019 Thursday Inter Class Mehendi Competition
64 1/Aug/2019 Thursday Inter class Elocution Competition
65 1/Aug/2019 Thursday Parade Training for NSS Volunteers
66 1/Aug/2019 Thursday Inter college Best Out of Waste Competition
67 2/Aug/2019 Friday Inter class Book Review Competition
68 3/Aug/2019 Saturday Inter College Mehendi Competition
69 6/Aug/2019 Tuesday Hiroshima Day
70 7/Aug/2019 Wednesday Late Prin. J.B. Shah Sponsored
Inter College Elocution Competition
71 7/Aug/2019 Wednesday Rabindranath Tagore Jayanti
72 8/Aug/2019 Thursday Inter Class Patriotic Song Competition
73 9/Aug/2019 Friday Inter College Book Review Competition
74 9/Aug/2019 Friday Inter Class Mono-acting Competition
75 9/Aug/2019 Friday Guest Lecture
76 12/Aug/2019 Monday Inter National Youth Day
77 12/Aug/2019 Monday Guest Lecture
78 12/Aug/2019 Monday Inter college Patriotic Song Competition
79 12/Aug/2019 Monday Free Eye Check up Camp & distribution of  spectacles at subsidized rate
80 12/Aug/2019 Monday Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Birth Centenary
81 13/Aug/2019 Tuesday World Youth Day
82 13/Aug/2019 Tuesday Guest Lecture
83 14/Aug/2019 Wednesday Late Prin. J.B. Shah Sponsored Inter College Mono-acting Competition
84 15/Aug/2019 Thursday Celebration of Independence Day, flag Hoisting, PTA & Alumni Meeting & Car Pool Day
85 19/Aug/2019 Monday Inter Class Essay Writing Competition
86 20/Aug/2019 Tuesday Campaign to promote Organ Donation
87 20/Aug/2019 Tuesday Inter Class Best out of Waste Competition
88 20/Aug/2019 Tuesday Inter Class Elocution Competition on Environment
89 20/Aug/2019 Tuesday Inter College Gujarat Quiz Competition
90 21/Aug/2019 Wednesday Inter College Essay Writing Competition
91 21/Aug/2019 Wednesday Inter College Drawing Competition
92 21/Aug/2019 Wednesday One Week Cleanliness Drive
93 21/Aug/2019 Wednesday Inter class Gujarat Quiz Competition
94 23/Aug/2019 Friday Inter School Sanskrit Shlok Recitation Competition
95 23/Aug/2019 Friday Guest Lecture
96 23/Aug/2019 Friday Ramvan Trust Sponsored Inter College
Elocution Competition on Environment
97 24/Aug/2019 Saturday Inter Class Drawing Competition
98 24/Aug/2019 Saturday Women Empowerment Training Program
99 24/Aug/2019 Saturday Inter College Extempore Competition
100 28/Aug/2019 Wednesday Late Dr. Ramaben H. Patel Memorial Inter College Sanskrit “Shlok” Recitation Competition
101 28/Aug/2019 Wednesday Self-Defense Training Program
102 29/Aug/2019
to 30/Aug/2019
to Friday
First Prize Distribution to Felicitate Top Rankers
103 31/Aug/2019 Saturday Discussion With T.Y.B.Com. Students under the Planning forum Committee
104 1/Sep/2019
to 7/Sep/2019
to Saturday
National Nutrition Week
105 2/Sep/2019 Monday Guest Lecture
106 4/Sep/2019 Wednesday Inter Class Sanskrit Shlok Recitation Competition
107 5/Sep/2019 Thursday Celebration of Knowledge Week and Teacher’s Day
108 8/Sep/2019 Sunday International Literacy Day
109 15/Sep/2019 Sunday Inter National Democracy day
110 16/Sep/2019 Monday World Ozone Day-Climate Change Day
111 19/Sep/2019 Thursday Internal test M.Com sem-3 GM
112 21/Sep/2019 Saturday International Day for Peace
113 27/Sep/2019 Friday World Tourism Day
114 28/Sep/2019 Saturday First Internal Test
115 1/Oct/2019 Tuesday World Vegetarian Day
116 1/Oct/2019 Tuesday Voluntary Blood Donation Day
117 2/Oct/2019 Wednesday Celebration of Gandhi Jayanti-Swachhta
Abhiyaan & No vehicle Day
118 4/Oct/2019 Friday World Setellite Day
119 5/Oct/2019 Saturday World Teachers Day
120 11/Oct/2019 Friday Additional Internal Test
121 12/Oct/2019 Saturday Students’ Council Election
122 16/Oct/2019 Wednesday World Food Day
123 17/Oct/2019 Thursday President’s B’day Celebration
124 22/Oct/2019 Tuesday NSS Special Camp
125 22/Oct/2019 Tuesday University ATKT Exam
126 28/Oct/2019 Monday Internal Marks to F.Y./S.Y./T.Y. B.A./M.A. (Guj.)
127 28/Oct/2019 Monday Internal Marks to T.Y.B.Com
128 29/Oct/2019 Tuesday Internal Marks to F.Y.B.Com
129 30/Oct/2019 Wednesday Internal Marks to S.Y.B.Com
130 30/Oct/2019 Wednesday Internal Marks to M.Com./M.A. (Eng. & Eco.)
131 31/Oct/2019 Thursday Rashtriya Ekta Divas to Commemorate
Sardar Vallabbhai Patel’s Birth Anniversary
132 4/Nov/2019 Monday College Last working Day – first term
133 5/Nov/2019
to 24/Nov/2019
Tuesday       to Sunday Diwali Vacation

2nd Term – Academic Calendar 2019-20

No. Date Day Activity
1 9/Nov/2019 Saturday World Quality Day
2 10/Nov/2019 Sunday International Science Day
3 11/Nov/2019 Monday National Filaria Drive Day
4 21/Nov/2019 Wednesday World Television Day
5 26/Nov/2019 Tuesday College’s First working day – Second term
6 1/Dec/2019  Sunday World AIDS Day
7 2/Dec/2019 Monday Uni. Exam Sem-I/ III/ V
8 2/Dec/2019 Monday Celebration of World AIDS Day
9 2/Dec/2019 Monday World Computer Literacy Day &
National Pollution Prevention Day
10 5/Dec/2019 Thursday International Volunteer Day
11 5/Dec/2019 Thursday World Soil Day
12 6/Dec/2019 Friday Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Jayanti
13 7/Dec/2019 Saturday International Civil Aviation Day
14 9/Dec/2019 Monday Second Blood Donation Camp
15 10/Dec/2019 Tuesday Human Rights Day
16 11/Dec/2019
to 12/Dec/2019
Wednesday       to Thursday Visit to Orphanage
17 12/Dec/2019 Thursday Visit to Manav Seva Charitable Trust for
Distribution of Blankets by NSS Volunteers
18 14/Dec/2019 Saturday National Energy Conservation Day
19 16/Dec/2019 Monday Guest Lecture
20 17/Dec/2019 Tuesday Friendship Day
21 18/Dec/2019 Wednesday Activity by Health Care Committee
22 18/Dec/2019 Wednesday Chocolate Day
23 19/Dec/2019 Thursday Group Day
24 19/Dec/2019 to 21/Dec/2019 Thursday
to Saturday
Sports Meet 2019-20
25 20/Dec/2019 Friday Armed Day
26 21/Dec/2019 Saturday Selfie Day
27 22/Dec/2019 Sunday Mathematics Day (Shrinivas Ramanujan)
28 23/Dec/2019 Monday Cap & Tie Day
29 25/Dec/2019 Wednesday Good Governance Day (India) Late. Prime Minister Honerable Bajpaiji’s Birthday
30 25/Dec/2019 Wednesday Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya Birthday
31 27/Dec/2019 Friday Motivational Lecture
32 27/Jan/2020
to 29/Jan/2020
Monday         to Wednesday University Youth Festival
33 28/Dec/2019 Saturday Hair Style Day
34 28/Dec/2019 Saturday Job Fair
35 29/Dec/2019 Sunday International Day for Biological Diversity
36 30/Dec/2019 Monday College Morning
37 31/Dec/2019 Tuesday New Year’s Eve
38 1/Jan/2020 Wednesday Back to School & Dabba Day
39 2/Jan/2020 Thursday Charity Day
40 3/Jan/2020 Friday Guest Lecture
41 3/Jan/2020 Friday Celebration of Karuna Day
42 4/Jan/2020 Saturday Poster Competition on Save Earth
43 4/Jan/2020 Saturday Garba Day
44 6/Jan/2020 Monday Awareness Talk Series in Collaboration
with Indian Medical Association, Surat
45 7/Jan/2020 Tuesday Clean the Campus
46 8/Jan/2020 Wednesday Kurta & Bandhni Day
47 9/Jan/2020 Thursday Campus Clean Day
48 9/Jan/2020 Thursday Pravasi Bharatiya Divas
49 10/Jan/2020 Friday Guest Lecture
50 11/Jan/2020 Saturday Guest Lecture
51 11/Jan/2020 Saturday Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti
52 12/Jan/2020 Sunday Swami Vivekanand Jayanti
53 12/Jan/2020 Sunday National Youth Day
54 13/Jan/2020 Monday Celebration of Swami Vivekanand Jayanti
55 13/Jan/2020 Monday Motivational Lecture
56 13/Jan/2020 Monday National Youth Day (India)
57 15/Jan/2020 Wednesday Indian Army Day
58 16/Jan/2020 Thursday Orphanage Day
59 17/Jan/2020 Friday Guest Lecture
60 17/Jan/2020 Friday Traditional Day
61 18/Jan/2020 Saturday Guest Lecture
62 18/Jan/2020 Saturday Gandhigiri & Khadi Day
63 20/Jan/2020 Monday Ballon Day
64 21/Jan/2020 Tuesday Meeting of the Management With the Staff
65 21/Jan/2020 Tuesday Cleanliness Drive in the Campus
66 21/Jan/2020 Tuesday Compulsory Attendence Day
67 22/Jan/2020 Wednesday No-Vehicle Day
68 23/Jan/2020 Thursday Corporate Day
69 23/Jan/2020 Thursday Nature Day
70 24/Jan/2020 Friday Inter Class Patriotic Song Competition
71 24/Jan/2020 Friday Photo Day
72 25/Jan/2020 Saturday Poetry Day
73 26/Jan/2020 Sunday Celebration of Republic Day, PTA & Alumni Association Meet
74 27/Jan/2020 Monday No Honking Day
75 28/Jan/2020 Tuesday Guest Lecture
76 28/Jan/2020 Tuesday Twins Day
77 28/Jan/2020 Tuesday Educational Visit
78 29/Jan/2020 Wednesday Suit & Saree Day
79 30/Jan/2020 Thursday Drawing Competition in the memory of late
Mahatma Gandhi’s Nirvana Divas on the topic Mahatma Gandhi annd Cleanliness
80 30/Jan/2020 Thursday Guest Lecture
81 30/1/2020 Thursday Green Day [ Tree Plantation Day ]
82 31/Jan/2020 Friday Thanks Day
83 1/Feb/2020 Saturday Formal Day
84 3/Feb/2020 Monday Black & White Day
85 4/Feb/2020 Tuesday World Cancer Day
86 5/Feb/2020 Wednesday Motivational Lecture
87 6/Feb/2020 Thursday Tree Plantation Day
88 2/Jun/2020 Thursday BCA Morning by students
89 10/Feb/2020 Monday Third Blood Donation Camp
90 12/Feb/2020 Wednesday Inter Class Chess Championship
91 13/Feb/2020 Thursday World Radio Day
92 14/Feb/2020 Friday Inter Class Table Tennis Tournament
93 15/Feb/2020 Saturday Second Prize Distribution Function
94 17/Feb/2020 Monday Inter Class Volley Ball tournament
95 17/Feb/2020 Monday Awareness regarding Sexual Harassment Cell
& Anti-Ragging Cell
96 18/Feb/2020 Tuesday Programme of the Study Circle
97 18/Feb/2020 Tuesday Self-Defence Training
98 19/Feb/2020 Wednesday Inter Class Volleyball Championship
99 20/Feb/2020 Thursday World Day for Social Justice
100 20/Feb/2020 Thursday Internal Test M.Com – GM
101 20/Feb/2020
to 22/Feb/2020
Thursday        to Saturday Innovision-College Fest
102 22/Feb/2020 Saturday Thinking Day
103 24/Feb/2020 Monday Innovision Prize Distribution
104 27/Feb/2020 Thursday Charity Day
105 27/Feb/2020 Thursday Internal Test of Semester II / IV / VI
106 28/Feb/2020 Friday National Science Day (India)
107 28/Feb/2020 Friday IQAC Meeting
108 28/Feb/2020 Friday Internal Test of M.A.-sem IV (Guj.)
109 3/Mar/2020 Tuesday World Wild life Day
110 4/Mar/2020 Wednesday President Bhavanjali Programme
111 8/Mar/2020 Sunday International Women’s Day
112 11/Mar/2020 Wednesday Additional Internal Test of Semester II / IV / VI
113 21/Mar/2020 Saturday World forest day
114 22/Mar/2020 Sunday World water day
115 23/Mar/2020 Monday World Meteorological Day
116 23/Mar/2020 Monday Bhagat Singh Jayanti
117 28/Mar/2020 Saturday Giving Internal Marks- T.Y.B.A./B.Com.
118 1/Apr/2020 Wednesday Giving Internal Marks- S.Y.B.A./B.Com.
119 1/Apr/2020 Wednesday T.Y.B.A. University Exam
120 2/Apr/2020 Thursday Giving Internal Marks- M.A /M.Com
121 2/Apr/2020 Thursday Giving Internal Marks- F.Y.B.A./B.Com.
122 4/Apr/2020 Saturday F.Y.B.A. (Sem-II) University Exam
123 7/Apr/2020 Tuesday World Health Day
124 9/Apr/2020 Thursday F.Y.B.Com.(Sem-II) University Exam
125 9/Apr/2020 Thursday T.Y.B.Com University Exam
126 9/Apr/2020 Thursday M.A-I (Sem-II) University Exam
127 10/Apr/2020 Friday M.Com-II (Sem-IV) University Exam
128 11/Apr/2020 Saturday M.Com-I (Sem-II) University Exam
129 20/Apr/2020 Monday S.Y.B.Com. (Sem-IV) University Exam
130 21/Apr/2020 Tuesday M.A.-I (Sem-IV) University Exam
131 22/Apr/2020 Wednesday Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) Meet
132 22/Apr/2020 Wednesday Observance of Earth Hour
133 22/Apr/2020 Wednesday S.Y.B.A. (Sem-IV) University Exam
134 22/Apr/2020 Wednesday Earth Day
135 25/Apr/2020 Saturday World Malaria Day
136 27/Apr/2020 Monday Last working day – 2nd term (A.Y.2019-20)
137 28-Apr-2020
Tuesday       to       Sunday Summer Vacation as Announced by University
138 11/May/2020 Monday National Technology Day
139 17/May/2020 Sunday World Telecommunication Day
140 18/May/2020 Monday Nature Day & Book Fair
141 30/May/2020 Saturday No Tobacco Day
142 31/May/2020 Sunday World No Tobacco Day
143 5/Jun/2020 Friday World Environment Day
144 8/Jun/2020 Monday World sea day
145 14/Jun/2020 Sunday World Blood Donation Day
146 15/Jun/2020 Monday First day of Academic Year 2020-2021
147 20/Jun/2020 Thursday World Refugee Day