1. Completion of Ph.D (Prof. Mehul B. Shah)
  2. Teacher training Program
  3. Seminar on Women empowerment
  4. Road safety and traffic awareness
  5. B.Voc. Course
  6. New library opening ceremony
  7. Inter school Sanskrit shlok recitation competition
  8. Inter school  Drawing competition
  9. Blood donation camp
  10. Inter college prayer competition
  11. Inter college salad decoration competition
  12. Inter college rangoli making competition
  13. Inter college poetry recitation competition
  14. Inter college poster making competition
  15. Seminar on commodity derivatives by MCX- India
  16. Seminar on Women empowerment
  17. Inter college best out of waste competition   
  18. 1st prize distribution function
  19. Seminar on women legal rights
  20. Inter college completion of poetry competition
  21. Inter college elocution competition
  22. Inaugration of banking examination training classes
  23. Inter college book review competition
  24. Inter college mehandi competition
  25. Independence day
  26. Rakshabandhan celebration
  27. Seminar on women empowerment
  28. Inter college mono-acting competition
  29. Environment awareness program
  30. Inter college patriotic song competition
  31. Seminar on social value by shri govindbhai dholakiyaji 
  32. Inter college gujarat quiz competition
  33. Gems-jewellary seminar
  34. Inter college drawing competition
  35. Janmashtami celebration
  36. Inter college elocution competition
  37. Inter college extempore competition
  38. 3rd prize distribution
  39. Celebration of fit India movement
  40. Mutual fund awareness seminar
  41. Completion of Ph.D(Prof. Chirag K. Sidhpuria)
  42. Inter college wrestling competition
  43. State level weightlifting competition
  44. Celebration of World fraternity day
  45. Swachhata abhiyan at new civil hospital
  46. N.S.S. special shibir camp
  47. Plastic free India campaign
  48. Akhand bharat padyatra
  49. 2nd blood donation camp
  50. Free sarvrog nidam camp
  51. Completion of M.Phil. (Ms. Anujabahen J. Patel)
  52. Swami Vivekanand Jayanti National Youth Day celebration
  53. Namo Tablet distribution  Program
  54. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Jayanti
  55. 71st republic day celebration
  56. Mahatma Gandhi Nirman Din- Shahid Din celebration
  57. World Cancer day awareness Seminar
  58. International Conference
  59. 5th Price distribution function
  60. 6th Price distribution function
  61. Educational visit to Adani Port 
  62. 7th Price distribution function
  63. COVID-19 બાદ ઉચ્ચ શિક્ષણ સંસ્થાનો ની ભૂમિકા વિષય પર વેબીનાર નું આયોજન 30-04-2020
  64. 2nd National Webinar on COVID-19 બાદ ઉચ્ચ શિક્ષણ સંસ્થાનો ની ભૂમિકા વિષય પર વેબીનાર નું આયોજન 30-04-2020
  65. 3rd National Webinar on Cyber Crimes During Lockdown 11-05-2020
  66. 4th National Webinar on Make India 14-05-2020
  67. 5th National Webinar on Current Economy & Stock Market Investment 17-05-2020
  68. 6th National Webinar on Make India 21-05-2020
  69. 7th National Webinar on Role of Banking during Covid-19 24-05-2020
  70. 8th National Webinar on ”Me for My Nation” 26-05-2020
  71. 9th National Webinar on ”Bringing Happiness to Life” 28-05-2020
  72. 10th National Webinar on ”This Is My Aim” 30-05-2020
  73. 11th National Webinar on”post Covid Scenario and Atmanirbhar Bharat” 03-06-2020
  74. 12th National Webinar on “How to get Fastest Promotion Highest Increment” 07-06-2020 
  75. 13th National Webinar on “Youth and Nation” 09-06-2020
  76. 14th National Webinar on “Youth Empowerment and Nation Building” 16-06-2020
  77. 15th National Webinar on “Start-up for Self-sufficient India” 06-07-2020
  78. 16th National Webinar on “Bhagwad Geeta in Day to Day Life” 18-07-2020
  79. 17th National Webinar on “COVID Symptoms, Precautions, Myths, Facts” 19-07-2020
  80. 18th National Webinar on “Education & Youth” 24-07-2020
  81. 19th National Webinar on “Scheme for unreserved category by Gujarat government” 04-08-2020
  82. 20th National Webinar on “New Education Policy” 06-08-2020
  83. 21st National Webinar on ”National Education Policy-2020” 25-08-2020
  84. 22nd National Webinar on ”Health is First Happiness” 03-09-2020
  85. 23rd National Webinar on ”Civil Defence” 04-09-2020
  86. Amroli College Press Note of Independence Day 15-08-2020
  87. 24th National Webinar on ”The Importance of education in the Mother tongue” 04-09-2020
  88. 25th National Webinar on INDIA-CHINA. ISSUE LECTURE SERIES-02 China’s Internal Tension an Challenges 27-09-2020
  89. 26th National Webinar on INDIA-CHINA. ISSUE LECTURE SERIES-03 Colonsation of Tibet by China and its implication for India 04-10-2020
  90. 27th National Webinar on “Strategic Dimension of Andaman Nicobar”  8-10-2020
  91. 28 National Webinar on INDIA-CHINA. ISSUE LECTURE SERIES-04 Chinas Psychological Warfare 11-10-2020
  92. 29th National Webinar on INDIA-CHINA. ISSUE LECTURE SERIES-05 Chinese Policy Against the Uyghurs in the Xinjiang Province 18-10-2020
  93. 30th National Webinar on Intellectual Property Rights 22-10-2020
  94. 32nd National Webinar on INDIA-CHINA. ISSUE LECTURE SERIES-07 Frontier Ladakh The Chance of war 01-11-2020
  95. 33rd National Webinar on INDIA-CHINA. ISSUE LECTURE SERIES-08 Strategic Importance of the China Occupied Territories of Bharat 08-11-2020
  96. 35th National Webinar on Career Counseling for Chartered Accountants 10-12-2020
  97. 36th National Webinar on Importance of National Cyber security in the age of Cyber Warfare
  98. 37th National Webinar on INDIA-CHINA. ISSUE LECTURE SERIES-10 Communist China vs Democratic Bharat -The Nature of Ideological Battle 13-12-2020
  99. 40th National Webinar on Career Guidance for Government Jobs on 28-12-2020 at Amroli College
  100. 41st National Webinar on Guidance of various schemes available to students on 04-01-2020 at Amroli College
  101. 42nd National Webinar on Swachh Survekshan 2021 on 08-01-2020 at Amroli College
  102. Press Note of Celebrate 72 Republic Day 26-01-2021
  103. Press Note Seminar on Conserve Fuel Save Future at Amroli College 29-01-2021
  104. Press Note Pride of Amroli College Prakash Thakur 02-02-2021
  105. Press Note Drama Me Gandevi no Galo got First Prize and 6 Award in Gujarat
  106. Press Note On 1st Blood Donation Camp 28-07-2021
  107. Press Note On Celebrating 75th Independence day  15-8-2021
  108. Press Note Of Offline Teachers Day Celebration by Amroli College 07-09-2021
  109. Press Note Of Eco Friendly Camp- 16-9-2021
  110. Press Note Of Mahila suraxa jagruti 11-10-2021
  111. Press Note Of BAOU ORIENTATION MEETING 20-10-2021
  112. Press Note Of Powerlifting Championship 30-10-2021
  113. Press Note Of Weight Lifting 29-11-2021
  114.  Press Note Of indian powerlifting federation 02-12-2021
  115. Press Note Of Gujarat Weight Lifting Association 04-12-2021
  116. Press Note Of vnsgu intercollege boxing Tournament 04-12-2021
  117. Press Note Of BIPIN RAWAT Shradhhanjali arpan  09-12-2021
  118. Press Note Of Nadi ko janie programme 10-12-2021
  119. Press Note Of geeta jayanti programme 14-12-2021
  120. Press Note Of Amroli College of Blood Donation Camp 16-12-2021
  121. Press Note Of yogasana championship 17-12-2021
  122. Press Note Of Elocution Competition 18-12-2021
  123. Press Note Of Inter College Weight Lifting men Championship 22-12-2021
  124. Press Note Of Inter college Weight Lifting women Championship 22-12-2021
  125. Press Note Of AIDS Elocution Competition 23-12-2021
  126. Press Note Of Career Guidance Seminar 24-12-2021
  127. Press Note Of KHEL MAHOTSAV 29-12-2021
  128. Press Note Of KHEL MAHOTSAV 31-12-2021
  129. Press Note Of 15 to 17 age vaccination programme 07-01-2022
  130. Press Note Of Amroli College  of 1ST Prize Distribution 02-03-2022
  131. Press Note Of ATHLETIC MEET 400 METERS RUN 22-03-2022
  132. Press Note Of ATHLETIC MEET HIGH JUMP 22-03-2022
  133. Press Note Of Amroli College of 3rd Blood Donation Camp 24-03-2022
  134. Press Note Of 10 DAYS KCG PROGRAMME 21-4-2022
  135. Press Note Of farewell function of kamalaben 30-04-2022